About Us

"Focused on the Science of Interconnects."

Laser Wire Solutions was founded in 2011 with the mission of enhancing our Customer's competitiveness by the implementation of laser based manufacturing solutions.

We aim to help you solve your Customer's problems by adding:

  • Capability: new abilities in terms of the size, complexity and sophistication of interconnects that you offer
  • Productivity: with our unique precision automation solutions we can help drive down costs in time consuming manual operations
  • Flexibility: we can support you and your Customers through the introduction of new products by undertaking small scale prototype contract manufacture 

By dealing with the experts - we can find a solution to your manufacturing problem no matter the size, precision, volume or material.




As well as being highly productivfdabubblee, all of our products are designed to be safe and environmentally sound. We comply with the latest European and US legislation regarding safety and all our products come with a full declaration of conformity.