The Way We Work

The key distinction of working with Laser Wire Solutions compared to other suppliers is the fact that we do not just supply equipment, we offer you a complete solution = equipment plus the process settings needed to make it work for your wires.

Although it may be possible, in theory, to purchase similar equipment for entry level applications from more generalist equipment manufacturers it is important to understand that there is as much know-how in the process settings used with the equipment as the equipment design itself. Vastly different results can be obtained from the same equipment if you are able to utilize our years of process knowledge developed by a team of physcists.

You can take advantage of these years of experience by working with us. We will:

  • work with you to define the stripping requirements including tolerances, productivity and any key quality issues
  • identify the most cost effective and flexible solution from our full range of laser solutions
  • make samples with your wires to ensure we develop the best laser process for your actual applicaition
  • supply you with safe, reliable equipment along with the process recipes for your wires and training to enable your personnel to adapt the process as required for future projects

We are the only supplier to offer solutions for all wire stripping applications

Refined over many years, we find that the following process is the most efficient way of working with you from your initial enquiry through to full production in your facility.