Data Cable Stripping

Data is an excellent market for the application of laser wire stripping. Multi-conductor, multi-layer shielded cables are commonplace allowing increasingly high data rates without interference.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and to have samples of your wires laser stripped. We offer data cable stripping machinery and services. 

INFINIBAND CABLESInfiniband_rotated_and_cropped

InfiniBand is used in high-performance computing and enterprise data centers

Cable stripping for

  • Single Data Rate (SDR) up to Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) including FDR and QDR
  • All major connector types including QSFP

Suitable cable strippers - Mercury for the outer jacket and most mylar shielding. Gemini systems are particularly suited with solutions for all shielding types and even single box solutions for all layers.


Shielded data cables can have many constructions including

  • Shielded ribbon cables
  • Shielded flat flexible cables (FFC)
  • Shielded multi-conductors

Suitable Laser Wire Strippers - Mercury and  Gemini.



MICRO-COAX RIBBONSmicro_coax_ribon_cable_300

Micro-coax ribbons are common for high speed data transfer to display units.

These cables offer a particular challenge for wire stripping due to their very close pitch and fine shields. Our micro-coax solution will provide you more information.