Wire Stripping Machines

Our wire stripping machines offer solutions in a wide range of application areas, covered by a number of product ranges below. For help selecting a product contact us now or look at which markets use laser wire stripping and what are the most common laser stripping solutions for more information.
Details for each of our automated wire stripping machines are given below. We also offer stripping services to those whose needs are more suited to outsourcing. 



Suitable for almost all polymer insulation materials, such as jackets and dielectrics. The only exception is bonded enamel coatings such as found on magnet wire. The Odyssey is the wire stripping machine of choice for those materials.



For the cutting and removal of thin metal shields, such as fine wire braids and foil shielding. Laser technology means outstanding precision. 

Polyimide coated medical ribbon - 42 AWG laser stripped


Stripping of enamel coated wire. Including magnet wire for motors and transformers as well as medical enamel wire and ribbon cable. A key capability is stripping precision windows in enamelled ribbon cables and cutting the ribbon conductors

Micro-coax ribbon laser stripped. The shield is cut without solder.


Automated micro-coax stripping system. Combining the technology of Mercury and Gemini and precision ribbon clamping and slug pulling; Titan is the world's first fully automatic micro-coax ribbon preparation system.