Wire Stripping Services

As well as designing, building and selling machines, we offer a dedicated wire and cable stripping service.  With manual and fully automated manufacturing systems in a dedicated ISO9001 accredited facility we can offer wire stripping services for one to a million parts per year and beyond.

The vast majority of contract work we perform is for the medical device industry. We get involved at all stages in the process, from the initial R&D, through FDA validation / CE marking through outsourced volume manufacture.




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We offer

  • Continuous periodic stripping of wire supplied on a spool, delivered respooled
  • Discrete stripping and cutting of wire supplied on a spool, delivered as cut and stripped lengths
  • Discrete cutting of pre-cut wire and cable

Key applications for our wire stripping service includes electrophysiology electrodes for cardiac rhythm management, neuro-stimulation etc.

For new projects there is not always sufficient volume to justify investment in the right equipment from day one. With Laser Wire Solutions we can partner with you throughout the life-cycle of your product. We offer contract wire and cable stripping and a number of value-add processing steps where required for all wire types. Some customers are happy to continue with this out-sourced wire stripping model, whilst others prefer to invest in laser stripping equipment once the volumes justify it.


Phase 1 - Proof of Principle Samples

At the beginning of your project you need to understand if laser technology is right for you. Every wire and cable behaves differently, and although we can give you a good idea of what results to expect, there is nothing like seeing the result with your own product. For simple wires we offer a free of charge sample stripping service, but may have to quote for more specialist and labor intensive applications.

Phase 2 - Low Volume Production

Maybe you need a few dozen samples for prototype builds, or just need to satisfy yourself that the process is stable. We are happy to quote short runs so you can achieve your goals - such as FDA approval.

Phase 3 - Full Production

When justifying a capital investment you critically need to understand your production volumes, but for most products you will only know what that is a few months after launch. We offer full production at an affordable price with our automated wire stripping systems. Supply a wire spool, or we can purchase the wire direct, to give you a scalable production solution without risk.

Phase 4 - Hand Over

Once volumes are established, now you can create a simple Capital Expenditure justification now that all pieces of the jigsaw are in place. We can build your system and with training from our experts, make a smooth transition into the lowest possible cost in house production.