Mercury Laser Wire Stripper new

Laser Wire Solutions

We offer both laser wire stripping equipment as well as a contract manufacturing service. Laser strippers range from flexible, compact bench units for the stripping of generic wire and cable, through to purpose-designed bespoke equipment. Our automated contract manufacturing service offers cost-effective stripping of wire supplied on spools or as discrete pieces.
Laser stripped bifilar thermocouple passed through the eye of a needle

Focused on the Science of Interconnects

Leading supplier of Laser Stripper Equipment and offering a State-of-the-Art Laser Stripping Service. Learn More

Contract stripping service

Uncertain whether to invest in laser wire stripping?

Our in-house, automated wire stripping facility can offer cost effective contract stripping of your wire and cable - no matter the complexity Learn More

Mercury 1 laser wire stripper

Compact bench units

Standard units for common wire stripping applications Learn More

Laser wire stripper vision system

Custom solutions

Standard machines can be modified or whole new custom solutions delivered Learn More

Laser Stripping Machines and Services

Do you have a wire stripping problem?

We sell laser equipment including the process know-how for all wire stripping applications Learn More


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