Mercury 2

Flexible wire stripper for the majority of stripping requirements.

Laser nozzles move in 2 directions to allow cross cuts, windows and slits to be made.

Covers all of the functionality of Mercury 1 plus lots more





  • End strips, windows and slits can all be programmed
  • Strips almost all jackets, dielectrics and wire insulations with no nicks or damage
  • Highly versatile: from 50 AWG up to 0.2" (5mm) OD wires and cables can be stripped
  • Powerful laser source allows high speed stripping even for tough insulations
  • Strip lengths and positions are fully programmable
  • Lasers cut from top and bottom for 360 degree stripping
  • Wire ends loaded into machine via flexible fixture
  • Fully OSHA and CE compliant with interlocked safety covers



  • Cross cuts, windows and slits for the most flexible stripping
  • Programmable strip and slit positions and lengths
  • Max stripping diameter approx. 0.2" (5 mm)
  • Up to 4" (100mm) strip length
  • Up to 4" (100mm) stripping width
  • Up to 4"/s (100mm/s) stripping speed
  • 30 Watt or 55 Watt carbon dioxide laser options
  • 7" Touchscreen color controls
  • Footswitch start included
  • Can be integrated with Komax / Schleuniger measure & cut systems
  • Small footprint for bench top use