Pioneer Laser Wire Stripper

The PIONEER laser wire stripper utilizes short pulsed carbon dioxide laser technology to provide excellent stripping results for the finest wires with the most difficult insulations.

The ultra-short pulse instantly vaporises even tough high temperature enamels, whilst the laser's long wavelength means the light harmlessly reflects from the metallic conductor. This is what makes the PIONEER system the best choice for very delicate enameled and bio-compatible wires or wound components such as heart pacemaker coils. The PIONEER system is designed to be flexible with multiple optical configuration options to allow you to adapt the system to your needs including integrating with spool to spool or spool to cut automation.


The laser beam is either imaged onto the component through a mask, or focused directly on to it - depending on the application. The number of pulses fired, the position of the wires and other process parameters are controlled via a color touchscreen. Hundreds of process recipes can be stored and uploaded / downloaded via Ethernet into an excel spreadsheet.

The Process

The Pioneer laser wire stripper is fitted with a pulsed "Transversely Excited Atmospheric pressure Carbon Dioxide" laser - or TEA CO2 for short. The name describes how the laser light is formed. A gas mix including carbon dioxide at atmospheric pressure is passed along a relatively long laser tube. High energy electrical pulses are then discharged across the gas (transverse direction) to produce very short (100 ns) pulses of 10600 / 9300 nm light. The average power is similar to that found in the continuous wave (not pulsed) lasers used in Mercury - but the peak power is an incredible 50 Mega-Watts!

It is this very high peak power that causes the insulation to be instantaneously vaporised. The short pulse duration also means there is little or no heat damage. A high energy plasma is also generated, further speeding up the 360 degree stripping of the wire or component.

Highest Quality

  • Used for stripping heart pacemaker coils
  • Stripping medical enameled wire including bifilar, trifilar and quad configurations
  • Super high accuracy wire / component positioning and laser control


  • Two nozzle or four nozzle option. Direct laser light from one, two or four nozzles sequentially or simultaneously
  • Use the system in a reel to reel configuration for maximum productivity
  • Manual or automatic mask changeover
  • Manual or automatic beam focus
  • Process gas inputs