Contract Laser Wire Stripping

For medical device manufacturers or for those with a high-end product with low volumes, we offer an ISO9001 accredited contract wire stripping service. In this regard, we see ourselves not as a supplier, but as a deeply integrated part of your supply chain. Following a standard IQ/OQ/PQ process, we become involved in all stages of the process:

  • Initial R&D – where we help you with rapid turnaround samples to develop the basic concepts for your device or component.
  • PQ samples – short runs to build sample devices/components for CE marking / FDA validation.
  • Ramped up / volume production – by leveraging our expertise and trusting in our knowledge of the process and how the equipment works, you reduce your risk and gain peace of mind.

Using our suite of automated manufacturing solutions, we can offer full production that is both cost-effective and gives the highest quality.  You have a choice of the following:

  • Continuous periodic stripping of wire supplied on a spool, delivered respooled.
  • Discrete stripping and cutting of wire supplied on a spool, delivered as cut and stripped lengths.
  • Discrete cutting of pre-cut wire and cable.

You can supply a wire spool, or we can purchase the wire direct, to give you a scalable production solution without risk.

Following are a number of key applications suited to our wire stripping service. 

Medical Electrodes

These take many forms and include drug delivery aids, neuro-stimulation electrodes, precision thermocouples, pacemaker electrodes.  We can offer to strip and tin these electrodes. Wires can be packaged on a reel or as individual cut lengths.

Micro-Machined Components with Bio-Compatible Polymers

Medical devices are increasingly designed using small components that are micro-machined from bio-compatible polymers. Laser micro-machining is a widely used technique for metals, but when it comes to a polymer substrate, this method offers challenges due to the material’s thermal susceptibility.  We use state-of-the-art short pulsed lasers to manage heat delivery to polymers to ensure crisp edges and hole definition in a highly repeatable process.

Micro-Coax Cables

These are widely used in medical devices owing to their excellent high frequency performance. A key application is ultra-sound cabling which can use as many as 256 micro-coax in the cable assembly.

When developing new applications or producing in modest volume, the capital investment needed to strip micro-coax make it quite prohibitive. Let us take the strain with this highly technical cable and produce the pieces for you.

Medical Device Wiring

Medical devices are full of complex small gauge wiring that is difficult to reliably strip with mechanical tools. Whether coax, ribbon cables or very fine wire - laser stripping can be an enabling technology. Let us get involved from the beginning with your next project, by designing in laser stripping at the early R&D stage. Alternatively, let our automated cut and strip machines drive down manufacturing costs and drive up quality.

Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with stripping your wires.