Electrophysiology & Stimulation Electrodes

Electrophysiology is the study of the electrical properties of biological cells and tissues. It involves measurements of electric current on a wide variety of scales from single ion channel proteins to whole organs like the heart. In neuroscience, it includes measurements of the electrical activity of neurons, and particularly action potential activity.

Stimulation electrodes are used to alter the physiology of organs to treat conditions such as heart arrhymia through RF ablation electrodes.

Laser Wire Solutions specialises in the manufacture, under contract, of electrodes for use in ablation therapies and/or measurement such as thermocouples. Our automated wire stripping service offers the highest quality product at an affordable cost.

Raw material can be supplied on spools and then processed - either supplying the finished part respooled or cut to length. See our laser wire stripping service for more information

For the highest volume applications, we can supply you with automated manufacturing equipment for installation in your own facility. See our Odyssey range of laser wire strippers for more information.


Example of the precision that can be achieved with the Odyssey  laser wire stripper. Different widths of insulation were ablated in sequence. Note the sharp transitions at the stripping zone and precision of the stripping.