Flex Cable

Flex cable is used widely in the electronics industry. Flex is manufactured in high volume and typically does not require any stripping process, the connection points being formed in the flex manufacture.

However in niche applications laser processing can be a powerful for forming short runs of tailored flex for a particular application without the need for expensive tooling.

Below are 3 example applications of electric cable stripping with flex.

Flex Cable Cutting and Shaping


Flex electrical cable has copper conductors embedded in a polymer substrate. The Odyssey system is ideal for producing a clean, char-free cut of both the conductors and polymer substrate.



Connection Windows in Flex Cable


If additional termination locations are required in a flex cable it is possible to ablate a portion of the ribbon using Mercury-4 technology. The high speed ablation makes a clean strip leaving the underlying conductor residue free.

The Mercury-4 system can be programmed to produce any stripping pattern, making it an excellent workhorse electrical cable stripper for a wide range of applications.


Folding Flex Cable


Flex often has to be folded to fit into a particular housing. The Mercury-4 system is perfect for creating ablated fold lines. The ultra-high speed stripping of Mercury-4 enables a groove to be cut into the polymer coating without exposing the conductors. This groove gives a fold line so that the flex follows this line when the cable is folded.