Polymer Ablation

Where the insulation is strongly bonded to the conductor or shield, it may not be possible to pull or peel off the insulation.

If the insulation can be vaporised, there is an option to scan a laser spot repeatedly back and forth over the insulation to completely ablate it.

This method requires that the laser spot to be moved in two dimensions at high speed, as it is undesirable to have too much heat build up during the ablation process. The scan pattern (speed, spot overlap, power etc.) can strongly effect the quality of the result.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and to have samples of your wire and cable laser stripped. The ablation of the insulation layer requires the material to be largely vaporised rather than melted. For this reason it is only suitable for certain insulation types. The big advantage of ablation is that it avoids the additional steps of peeling or pulling off the insulation.

The Gemini-CO2 laser wire stripper is optimized for ablating insulation. It can move the laser spot at up to 7000mm/s from both sides of the cable without removing it.

A fixture is used to hold multiple wire ends in the stripping machine - greatly enhancing productivity.

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