Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Throughout our company, we are always seeking for innovative, improved and more efficient ways to serve our customers. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to deliver solutions to our customers that break new ground in laser wire stripping technology.

Our DNA defines who we are, our mission defines what we are and where we aim to be. Find out more about our mission, vision, and values below.

Laser Wire Solutions-Our Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver solutions that break new ground using laser wire stripping technology. Read more about our mission.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop our core competencies of combining lasers, optics and wire handling to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our Values

Our values define the way we work. We are individually and collectively committed to putting our values into practice, they unite us in our work.

Our Mission

Our mission statement explains Laser Wire Solutions’ reason for existence. This mission statement defines who we are and what we do. It supports our vision and communicates our purpose and direction to all.

As a pioneering force in precision laser wire stripping and the connection of wires, we believe that lasers and automation have a pivotal role to play in the manufacture of current and future generations of high value, precision cable assembles.

Our mission is to deliver solutions to our customers that break new ground in laser wire stripping technology, enabling our partnership to change the world, for the better, through innovation.

Our Vision

Our vision statement defines our company as it would appear in a future state. It drives Laser Wire Solutions’ decisions and goals to challenge and inspire all.

We will build our business by working in partnership with our customers to understand their latest challenges and needs at the earliest stages. Using this application knowledge we will grow our product ranges and services to address the needs for the majority of the market with standardized solutions.

We will focus and develop our core competencies of combining lasers and optics and wire handling to create a unique, sustainable competitive advantage.

Our Values


We pursue an unrelenting strategy of new product development. We apply engineering expertise and process experience to develop only the very best and most advanced solutions in laser wire stripping and joining.

Customer Focus

Our customers are at the heart of all we strive to do, meeting and even exceeding their requirements is of paramount importance to us.


At Laser Wire Solutions work strongly as a team across all disciplines. Most importantly we work in a collaborative way with our clients, to the point where we are considered a member of their project team. We also have a good rapport with our suppliers which helps us control costs and quality.

Integrity & Reliability

We believe in an open, honest dialogue between employees, customers and suppliers. We value keeping our promises.

Can-do Attitude

Laser Wire Solutions employees strongly embrace a positive and proactive problem-solving approach with results that are customer-driven.


We design and build to exacting high standards and desire only the best for our customers.


Safety comes first at Laser Wire Solutions. We provide a safe working environment at all times and deliver solutions that comply with the strictest safety standards.


We offer configurations for non-standard applications with bespoke design for unique processes. We develop cutting-edge solutions and trail-blaze new paths in our industry.

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