Our Sustainability Commitment 

At Laser Wire Solutions, sustainability and social responsibility are part of our core values. We encourage community service and involvement amongst our team.

The team regularly participate in various activities to benefit the environment and our communities to pave the way for future generations.

Read more about our commitments to operating sustainably below.

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Our Environment


Our Community


Our People



Our Environment

Laser Wire Solutions is committed to environmental stewardship and reducing the environmental footprint of both ours and our supply chains. With an eye ever toward the future, we embrace every opportunity to make a place future generations will enjoy. Our strategy is to align our conservational aims with business growth by applying efficiency in the use of resources and implementing lean manufacturing practices.

Our Community

From the leadership team to new team members, Laser Wire Solutions employees dedicate themselves to a wide range of charitable service organizations in the local communities where we do business.

Proud of our long history of community involvement, we continue to volunteer, support, and give back to causes that benefit society and those in need. Our employees contribute volunteer time, financial support, and gifts of goods and services.

Laser Wire Solutions and its employees support various charitable causes. One primary area of focus for employees is supporting the medical sector.

In South Wales, Blood Bikes Wales is one such charity, a 100% volunteer charity based in Wales, providing completely free courier service to the NHS, delivering blood samples, plasma, donated human milk, documents and other items all over Wales. 

Our People

At Laser Wire Solutions, our foundations are the heartbeat of our organization, but it is our people who make us who we are. We are dedicated to supporting and investing in our employees, and to providing programs and resources that augment the personal and professional satisfaction of their lives.

We endeavour to provide a safe, healthy and highly engaging workplaces. At Laser Wire Solutions, our hope that our decisions extend far beyond our business and positively affect our people and communities for generations to come.


At Laser Wire Solutions, safety is top priority. Safety is essential to our culture and a shared responsibility for all. When it comes to injuries and incidents, zero is our goal every day. Each employee is invested to challenge any situations or practices that are potentially unsafe without the fear of repercussion.

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