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What is Laser Wire Stripping?

Laser wire stripping is the process of removing sections of insulation from delicate, high value wires and cables by using precision laser light to ablate the coating without making contact with the conductor.

Using lasers for this process provides a nick-free stripping of wire and cable.  Stripping wires using laser technology produces high-quality production results and offers a very high range of possible applications. Find out more, below.

Why Should You Use Laser Processing

Products are becoming more macro as technology advances, and so do the wires and cables that make up the circuitry of those products, whether it’s for an electric vehicle or for data processing. These wires and cables are also made up of a variety of materials, some which are not suitable to traditional methods of wire stripping. By using laser wire stripping, you can achieve accurate and consistent results every time.

Advantages of Laser Wire Stripping

  • High precision
  • Consistent results
  • Customised strip patterns for your requirements
  • Multiple wire processing
  • Custom configuration 

Laser Wire Stripping Applications

Lasers can be used to strip a variety of insulation materials on various wire sizes. The following is a non-exhaustive list of common applications.

Data Cables

Data is an excellent market for the application of laser wire stripping. Cable types include infiniBand, shielded data cables, micro-coax ribbons.


Powerful laser wire stripping technology removes the multi-layer insulation of automotive cables, such as Coroplast high voltage battery cables.

Aerospace & Defence

The jacket on shielded cables need to be removed to access the inner conductors. Aircraft and defense vehicles also have tough and difficult to cut insulations.

Our Solutions

We have developed fully-automated and semi-automated systems which allow for an accurate and consistent product each time regardless of your industry.

Explore our range of laser wire stripping solutions below. If you need assistance in finding the right solution for your requirements, or you would like to discuss a custom project, get in touch with our solutions experts today.

Do you want to optimize your production line?

We will create the right laser wire stripping process for you requirements. Get in touch with our laser solutions experts today.

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Why Choose Laser Wire Solutions?

We distinguish ourselves from other laser wire stripping suppliers by offering you a complete solution and not just a piece of equipment. This can be summarized in the following equation:

Equipment + Process Settings = Exact Solution Match for Your Wires

Although it may be possible, in theory, to purchase similar equipment for entry level applications from more generalist equipment manufacturers, it is important to understand that there is as much know-how in the process settings used with the equipment as the equipment design itself. Vastly different results can be obtained from the same equipment if you are able to utilize our years of process knowledge developed by a team of physicists.

You can take advantage of these years of experience by working with us. We will:

  • work with you to define the stripping requirements, including tolerances, productivity and any key quality issues;
  • identify the most cost effective and flexible solution from our full range of laser solutions;
  • make samples with your wires to ensure we develop the best laser process for your actual application;
  • supply you with safe, reliable equipment along with the process recipes for your wires and training to enable your personnel to adapt the process as required for future projects.

Read our case studies to learn more about how we can help you.

Our Methodology

Refined over many years, we find that the following process is the most efficient way of working with you from your initial inquiry through to full production in your facility.