Our Customers

Our work

Our customers come from a multitude of companies, many of which are blue-chip multi-national companies across the medical sector, as well as with OEMs and contract manufacturers.

The accelerated growth in our customer base over the past five years is primarily attributed to our ability to innovate, be highly responsive to customers’ requirements and embrace a positive, proactive approach to problem-solving.


Our Approach

To better help our customers, we look at the evolution of trends and technology in various markets (e.g. miniaturization of medical devices, electrification of vehicles, exploration of new laser capabilities and applications). From there we identify how we can collaboratively solve new wire processing challenges that the market presents. We have a flexible, “can-do” approach to solving complex problems.

From the outset, we work in partnership with our customers, more or less as an extension of their technical teams. This helps to build a stronger rapport based on mutual trust and respect. We also invest significantly in our workforce. Whilst smaller in size than our nearest rival we have a higher proportion of skilled engineers.

We continue to build close connections with our overseas customers by delivering value-added solutions and offering critical technical support. They turn to us to solve their wire processing problems because we are the leader and expert in the niche of laser wire stripping.

As technology evolves and wires / cables become more complex in composition and configuration. Lasers often become the only viable stripping solution over mechanical or manual methods. This creates a sustained need as we continue to innovate, invest in skills and provide premium customer service.


As of May 2016, Schleuniger – a leader in mechanical wire processing – took a 20% share in our business as they saw the future potential of laser. In turn, we have leveraged their international network of agents and distributors. This allowed us to double the sales volume of our standard Mercury machines. Doubling to over £1 million in 2017 from a figure of less than £400,000 in 2016.

Currently we are training and supporting them to sell our entire laser range to their large international customer base. In so doing, we anticipate broadening our geographical reach.