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When Would You Choose Laser Wire Stripping?

Mercury stripped wire selection

Laser wire stripping is ideal for the following applications (typically where mechanical tools are no longer able to cope and when chemical methods are ruled out on safety grounds):

Small Wires

  • Very thin wires – e.g. <38 AWG
  • Microcoax – especially <40 AWG, and/or especially micro-coax ribbons – we can strip the shield too!

High Value / Quality Cables in the medical, defense and aerospace markets

  • Very thin insulation (blades cause too much damage); e.g. ultrasound cables, RF ablation catheters or pacemaker electrodes
  • Round metallic jackets, e.g. high-powered RF cables and high temperature mineral-insulated thermocouples
  • Microwave coax cables.

Challenging / Labor Intensive Cables

  • Foil insulations, e.g. on twin-ax data cables
  • Ribbon cables
  • Wires with bonded insulation
  • Tough insulations, e.g. fiber glass
  • Out of round cables.

Magnet / Enamelled Wires

  • Thin magnet wire <38 AWG
  • Ribbonized magnet wire (bifilar, tri-filar, etc)
  • Very small magnet wire coils that need high quality.

Complex Strip Patterns

  • Windows and complex strip patterns that mechanical solutions struggle with, but lasers easily master.


  • When strip quality is paramount, i.e. when nicks, damage and residue cannot be tolerated.
  • Review our application pages, to find out more about the types of wires which are suited for laser.

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