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We understand that at the beginning of any project, you cannot always be certain whether laser wire stripping is both effective and will provide a return on investment. That is why we offer prospective customers up to two hours free machine and technician time for us to run their wire stripping sample in our laboratory.

We are both knowledgeable about the capabilities of different types of laser and have a long track-record of testing different laser solutions on a vast array of wires and cables for a diverse range of applications. Even by looking at a wire, we can often tell the appropriate laser source, strength and configuration required for a particular wire type and stripping requirement.

For work, however, that exceeds the two hour period, we will quote for the additional time, subject to a minimum order value. This sometimes happens when the application is very specialist and complex, and therefore more labour intensive, or when multiple wires of varying types are presented for testing and review.

In the event of the above, investment in any testing can be deducted if the customer decides to purchase a machine from us.

If you would like to submit a sample wire for testing with us, complete the contact form below, then send a copy of the form print-out along with your wire sample/s to our headquarters in South Wales.

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Submit a Sample Wire

Please complete and submit the wire sample request form, print out and then send along with your wire sample/s.

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