Medical Micro Soldering

Laser micro-soldering is the process of selectively soldering fine, high-value wires using a precise and controlled laser beam to form a bond to the circuit board or other area. 

This creates an accurate and efficient method for the otherwise difficult task of doing it manually.

Laser Micro Soldering

The technology and componentry included in the next generation of active medical devices is creating significant manufacturing challenges and opportunities. Complex devices need to be produced at ever smaller scale while still being designed for single use applications.

At present, producers of small/precision devices are still dependent on human operators that have the required dexterity and skill needed to produce and assemble devices. This challenge is especially acute when very small components and electrical connects must be made in very confined spaces with complete confidence in the device quality.

Our Solution

We have developed the Select & Solder which is an automated precision micro-machining and soldering process that acts as an alternative for customers that are currently reliant on human operators.

The Select & Solder machine has been developed using our expertise in in the fixturing and soldering of high density flex and standard PCBs using both standard and laser technology.

The system eliminates the margin for error as it automatically selects the wire and detects the area on the PCB where that wire should be soldered. With the use of internal cameras, you are also able to see where each wire has been soldered. 

Our solution provides you with an efficient and accurate method for soldering your wires.

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