The Most Compact Laser Wire Stripper


The wire stripping revolution you’ve been waiting for. With no need for wire holding fixtures, a rapid cycle time, and the ability to strip wires under 0.2 mm in diameter, it redefines efficiency and precision.

In comparison to all other contenders on the market, its footprint is remarkably small. With the integrated fume extractor, the Odyssey-8 occupies significantly less space while still delivering on performance. The Odyssey-8 redefines the boundaries of efficiency and precision in wire stripping technology. 

Laser Wire Solutions-Odyssey 8
  • Alternative to Cone Stripping

    A 360 degree strip with increased accuracy when stripping and eliminated conductor damage.

  • Improved Quality

    Ensured solder joint quality and reduced risk of poor electrical connections.

  • Compact Machine

    With a small footprint, the Odyssey-8 is the most compact wire stripping machine on the market.

  • Auto Start Sensor

    The process starts as soon as the cable is inserted.

Materials & Suitable Wires

The Odyssey-8 machine is capable of stripping single, double (bifilar) and triple (trifilar) core electrodes made from copper and or constantan, and can also strip the polyimide or polyurethane insulation often found in catheters.

LWS-Single Wire-Medical

Single Wires

LWS-Bifilar Thermocouple Odyssey 4

Bifilar Wires

Catheter bifilar thermocouple laser stripped

Twisted Pairs

Micro Wires

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