Fully Automated Wire Stripping

Micro Coax Center

The Micro Coax Center or MCC is a combination of the Mercury and Odyssey modules. With the ability to process micro coax cables in a series of automated steps, the MCC makes the perfect addition to any assembly line handling micro coax cables.

Laser Wire Solutions-Micro Coax Center-Laser Wire Stripper

Fully Automated

Laser Wire Solutions-Micro Coax Center-Laser Wire Stripper

Clean Results

Micro-coax is found in a wide variety of applications from mobile phones and laptops to medical devices, such as ultra-sound systems or RF ablation catheters. The Micro Coax Center has been designed to handle micro coax cables of any gauge and the fully automated system means that these cables can be processed using a single machine.

Laser Wire Solutions-Micro Coax Center-Laser Wire Stripper

Precision Cable Loading Fixture Plate

Touchscreen Interface

Viewing Windows

  • Precision Cable Loading Fixture Plate

    The fixture plate ensures a high volume of cables are stripped uniformly.

  • Touchscreen Interface

    Providing access to maintenance and engineering functions such as cleaning, setting or recipe changes.

  • Viewing Windows

    Two viewing windows available made from laser safe material to monitor the stripping process.


Micro-coax cables are made up of a metallic conductor with a dielectric insulation which in turn is covered by a braided shield and a polymer jacket. Take a look through the gallery of micro-coax cables processed used the MCC:

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