Applications Overview

Medical Wire Stripping

There are a vast array of applications for laser wire stripping within the medical electronics market. Specialist wire types to avoid interference are commonplace in control and display units. Very fine wires are used when probes must be inserted into the body in catheter type devices.

Data Cable Wire Stripping

Data and Telecoms are an excellent market for the application of laser wire stripping. Multi-conductor, multi-layer shielded cables are common place allowing increasingly high data rates without interference.

Automotive Laser Wire Stripping

An increasing number of specialty wire types and cables are being used in the automotive industry that require laser wire stripping solutions.  

Consumer Electronics Laser Wire Stripping

Consumer electronics is a major user of laser wire stripping. The high volume requirements for laptops, PDA’s and mobile phones coupled with the miniaturization of the technology make laser wire stripping the only solution.


The Aerospace and Defence sectors have a wide range of wire constructions that are ideally suited to laser wire stripping. The common insulation types, such as PTFE, ETFE, XLETE and Kapton, are readily stripped by carbon dioxide laser technology, with Mercury-2 and Mercury-4 being the perfect solutions.