Twisted Shielded Multiconductor

Aerospace twisted shielded multiconductor, insulation cut by laser stripper
Aerospace twisted shielded multiconductor cut with Mercury laser stripper

Shielded cables typically need 1-3″ (25-75 mm) of jacket removed in order to peel back the shield to access the inner conductors. As these cables are not round, mechanical tools are unable to tackle the job of removing the insulation. Jacket materials are usually tight and cannot be slid off. Using a blade to cut around the cable is not sufficient – you would also have to use the blade to cut along the insulation to slit it. This raises a number of personnel safety issues as well as risks to damaging the cable itself.

Fortunately the Mercury-2 and the Mercury-4 systems are perfect for this application, cutting around the cable and slitting along it with ease. See our Standard Wire Stripping section for more information.

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