Laser Stripping of Magnet Wires

Square cross section enamelled copper bar
Square cross section enamelled copper bar

Motors and stators are made from “magnet wire”, i.e. copper wire or a bar coated with polyimide. Traditionally, multiple turns of wire were made to make a stator and the ends would be stripped mechanically with abrasion. The advent of electric vehicles and general requirements for more efficient automotive motors is driving a huge increase in the use of hairpin designs, which in turn requires a significant increase in enamel removal to be undertaken.

In response to these market demands, Laser Wire Solutions has just launched a unique in-line 4-beam laser system known as the Viking-4. This system will allow for the removal of enamel from round or rectangular magnet wires with strip lengths for rectangular wires up to 20 mm x 100 mm available as standard.

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