Consumer Electronics Cable Stripping


Micro-coaxial cable is widely used in the consumer electronics industry. The cables are used for transferring data to screens in

  • Laptops
  • PDAs
  • Mobile Phones

Laser wire solutions has considerable expertise in stripping this type of cable – both the outer jackets, inner insulation and shield cutting – both soldered shield scribing and solder-less scribing.


Flex cable is widely used in the electronics industry. The challenge is to process ever shrinking cables to accommodate more connections in less space.  In niche applications laser processing is great for forming short runs of tailored flex.  Read more about our laser stripping capabilities in specific flex cable applications.

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By purchasing a laserwire stripping machine from us you are tapping into our ongoing knowledge and expertise. We are on-hand to assist with the installation and setup of your new machine as well as ongoing support and servicing.

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Laser Wire Solutions is building on its core expertise to develop cutting-edge laser soldering capability at a sub 0.1 mm pitch.

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We love to be able to solve customers’ manufacturing problems, no matter the size, precision, volume or material. If our off-the-shelf systems are not suitable, we are able to custom-build one that is best suited for your desired purpose and objectives.