Motor Windings

Medical Power Tools

There are various tools used in the medical field that require small motors, such as neuro surgery drills, surgical robot grippers, and nerve stimulators.  Due to the precision required for these tools, they are usually operated by small motors containing even smaller and finer wires, i.e. motor windings.

Traditional mechanical brushing and abrading of enameled high performance motor windings used in these tools can introduce dangerous particulates. Find out more about the alternatives we can provide, below.


What are Motor Windings?

There are a variation of windings used in medical devices, including cylindrical moving magnet linear motors and slotless-ironless flat motors but for medical power tools, such as a medical drill used in brain surgery, these motors must have the highest levels of quality.

While there are traditional methods of stripping these wires which include mechanical brushing and abrading, these methods of stripping the enameled high performance windings used in these tools can introduce dangerous particulates. A solution is needed to avoid these dangerous particulates circulating around the device when being used during procedures in the operating theatre. 

The Solution

Our Odyssey range of wire strippers give a perfect solution for this application. The Odyssey cleanly and effectively ablates the tough enamel without leaving any residue.  For more information, please visit our our Odyssey systems page.

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