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Types of Wire Stripping

All Applications

The majority of wires, with either extruded or tape wrapped insulations, can be stripped with our carbon dioxide laser solutions.  Our Mercury systems are powerful, low-cost and reliable, delivering very consistent quality results.

All Applications

One only class of polymer insulation that cannot be effectively stripped with a Mercury system is bonded enamel wire. In this case, the Odyssey is the enamel wire stripping machine of choice. Discover more.

All Applications

Under the right circumstances lasers are the perfect solution for cutting the shields precisely and reliably from shielded cables. Find out more.

All Applications

For high volume production some forms of automatic wire feed is required in order to achieve the required productivity at a reasonable investment level.

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By purchasing a laser wire stripping machine from us you are tapping into our ongoing knowledge and expertise. We are on-hand to assist with the installation and setup of your new machine as well as ongoing support and servicing.

Laser Wire Solutions is building on its core expertise to develop cutting-edge laser soldering capability at a sub 0.1 mm pitch. 

We love to be able to solve customers’ manufacturing problems, no matter the size, precision, volume or material. If our off-the-shelf systems are not suitable, we are able to custom-build one that is best suited for your desired purpose and objectives.