Automated Wire Stripping

For high volume production some form of automatic wire feed is required in order to achieve the required productivity at a reasonable investment level.

There are 3 main automation options to automate the laser stripping of your wires:

Third Party Measure & Cut Systems

There are many manufacturers of standard wire handling equipment for the automatic cutting of wires fed from a spool. Our partner Schleuniger are market leaders of this type of equipment. It is possible to integrate these measure & cut systems with the Mercury range of wire strippers to make a fully automated laser stripping system.

Schleuniger_Mercury_2The wire is fed from a spool, through the auto wire stripper and into the measure and cut system. The measure & cut system pulls the wire through the wire stripper, stopping at the required positions so that the laser can strip the wire. The stripping can be simple cross cuts or full windows.

The measure & cut system communicates with the wire stripper via the unit’s standard “hot stamp” interface. A single cable connects the two units and the standard software on the measure and cut unit is used to set up the stripping positions.

An important consideration is to maintain a constant length of wire between the stripper and measure and cut system. For this reason it is important that the units are mechanically fixed relative to one another and that the wire is held under tension. A tensioning payoff can be used to drive the spool and maintain a constant tension for this reason.

Inaccuracies in the stopping of the measure & cut and variations in the length of wire between the two units can lead to strip length inaccuracies. Typical strip length accuracies of +/-0.04″ (+/- 1 mm) can be achieved. Due to limitations of the measure and cut system – the system is limited to wire diameters from 0.03″ (0.8 mm) to 0.2″ (5 mm).

Spool to Cut

For higher strip length accuracies, Laser Wire Solutions can provide a specifically designed automation system consisting of spool dereeler, wire payoff and cable handling. Wire is loaded onto the system on a spool and the unit automatically strips the wire and cuts it to length, depositing the cut lengths in a tray. Typical cycle times of 5-10 seconds per wire are achievable with length tolerances of better than 0.04″ (1 mm) and strip length accuracies 10 times better than that.

Spool to Spool

For the highest productivity Laser Wire Solutions can provide a specifically designed automation system to take the wire from a spool and rewind it on a second spool, making a regular series of stripped windows on the wire. This method is particularly useful if the wire has to be shipped to another facility or if handling the wire is very difficult.

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