Wire Stripping as a Service

Laser Wire Solutions’ revolutionary equipment allows wires and coating materials that require gentle handling to be processed at high velocity, whilst having no impact on the integrity of the wire.

By using our innovative machinery, you’ll receive consistent and quality wire stripping results every time with minimal human resources required. 

Laser Wire Solutions - Twisted pair Wire Untwisted ends ablation on ends and windows
Step One

Step One:
Place Your Order

Get in touch with the Laser Wire Solutions team to place your order.


Step Two

Step Two: Receive Your Wire

Have your wire spools delivered directly to your assembly line when you need them or utilize the Laser Wire Solutions storage facility.

Step Three

Step Three: Assemble

Assemble your product as you typically would in your production line. Our spools come pre-nicked to your team know the exact length of wire to use.

Our Process

Our sub-contract laser wire stripping service is particularly suited to micro fine wires and medical device/electrode applications. We have specialist tools and over 50 years of combined experience to allow us to provide you with high-quality wire products.

As part of our Contract Manufacturing service, we also offer technical expertise to guide you throughout the process, from initial samples through to volume production which can include procurement.

Demonstrating Our Capabilities

We understand the importance of a strong production line and having the right capabilities to conduct the work to a high standard can make a real difference to the end product. 

Here’s a few ways we are able to demonstrate our capability of providing you with high quality products.


We have well established supply chain links with medical micro wire manufacturers across the globe in a range of coatings, sizes, and materials.

ISO 9001 Certified

Our Contract Manufacturing service is ISO certified, providing our customers with a robust quality control system before their products leave our labs.

Machine Manufacturers

As we are the machine manufacturers, we have a large capacity of laser wire stripping machinery at our disposal with the experts on hand to minimize any downtime.

Quality Assurance Tools

We’ve invested in high-tech measurement and inspection equipment including a SEM,  high resolution tension meters, and high accuracy travelling microscopes.

CAD Services

Our team of CAD experts can help design your wire stripping patterns to ensure we get it right first time for your requirements.

Stock Holding

We can provide a wire holding of both processed and unprocessed wire to ensure you receive the wire when needed.

Wire Delivery Options

Our laser wire ablation service allows our partner to choose from three product configurations:


A spool of wire is advanced through the system, stripped or ablated at the required locations and then re-wound onto a new spool.


A spool of wire is advanced through our wire processing system, stripped or ablated at the required locations and then singulated into individual parts.


An individual wire, which has already been cut to the correct length is laser-stripped through the relevant system in our Contract Manufacturing unit.

Contact Our Team

We will create the right laser wire stripping process for you requirements and deliver your processed wires direct to your assembly line. If you have any questions, get in touch today.

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