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Send Us Your Sample

Before you send samples
Please complete the form on the right to notify us that you require a sample, then download your completed form to include with your wire sample when you send it to our team.

Where to send your samples?
All of our wire analysis is done at our head office site in Wales, United Kingdom. Please post your samples to:

Samples Team,
Laser Wire Solutions,
Unit 12, Business Development Centre, 
Main Ave,
Treforest Industrial Estate,
CF37 5UR,
Wales, UK.

How to send samples to us?
When sending samples to us please ensure you add the appropriate details to the label and package the contents appropriately and securely. 

Avoid delays
Please ensure you pack and label your samples correctly so that we can deal with them efficiently and get the results back to you without delay. Failure to complete the form on the right and including your copy of the completed form in your delivery can cause delays. Please help us to avoid this.

Sample Request

Have Questions About Submitting a Sample?

Our samples team are happy to answer any questions you may have relating to submitting a sample. 

Need Help To Automate Your Assembly Line?

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