Contract Wire Stripping

For medical device manufacturers or for those with a high-end product with low volumes, we offer an ISO9001 accredited contract laser wire stripping service. In this regard, we see ourselves not as a supplier, but as a deeply integrated part of your supply chain. Following a standard IQ/OQ/PQ process, we become involved in all stages of the process:

  1. Initial R&D – where we help you with rapid turnaround samples to develop the basic concepts for your device or component.
  2. PQ samples – short runs to build sample devices/components for CE marking / FDA validation.
  3. Ramped up / volume production – by leveraging our expertise and trusting in our knowledge of the process and how the equipment works, you reduce your risk and gain peace of mind.

Using our suite of automated manufacturing solutions, we can offer full production that is both cost-effective and gives the highest quality. You have a choice of the following:

  • Continuous periodic stripping of wire supplied on a spool, delivered respooled.
  • Discrete stripping and cutting of wire supplied on a spool, delivered as cut and stripped lengths.
  • Discrete cutting of pre-cut wire and cable.
  • You can supply a wire spool, or we can purchase the wire direct, to give you a scalable production solution without risk.

More information on key applications suited to our wire stripping service. Alternatively, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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