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Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo 2019

Date: May 8, 2019 - May 9, 2019

Location: Wisconsin Center, Milwaukee, USA

Trade Show

This event is our annual highlight, where we pull out all the stops in showing you the latest we have to offer in laser wire processing technology.  This year will be no exception.

We plan to showcase our laser micro-wire soldering capabilities as well as a number of new laser wire stripping machines, including the Mercury-4E and the Odyssey-7.  The Mercury-4E is an expanded version of our highly popular Mercury-4 which means that even more wires can be processed simultaneously in the configuration of your choice. The Odyssey-7 is a four beam UV laser wire stripper designed for removing the foil jacket from high performance twin-ax data cables.   Other equipment we will be able to demonstrate include:

  • an inline Odyssey system for automatically stripping fine medical wires on a reel-to-reel system on LWS booth 2351;
  • our polymer laser wire strippers – Mercury-2, Mercury-4 (inline), Mercury-5 and Mercury-6 (on the Schleuniger booth 2133) – the Mercury-5 and Mercury-6 are two fairly new additions to the Mercury range and tackle new wire stripping challenges in the electric vehicle market; and
  • our highly innovative and successful Odyssey-4 laser wire stripper for stripping fine enamel coated medical wires (on the Schleuniger booth 2133)

Laser Wire Solutions’ CEO, Paul Taylor states that “This is expected to be our most successful show to date, as we have so many new products and ideas to share with our customers.  We are also very excited about the advantages of collaborating more closely with the Schleuniger distribution network”.

To help you identify the correct laser stripping solution for your particular wire application, the following representatives of Laser Wire Solutions will be on hand to deal with all inquiries, including sample requests: