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Large wire diameters and mature precision tools mean that more sophisticated laser wire stripping tools are seldom needed. But there are some exceptions.

To make terminations to the conductors of a shielded multi-conductor cable, it’s necessary to remove a few inches of the cable jacket and peel back the shield, only possible using precision lasers.

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Your Challenge

In order to make terminations to the conductors of a shielded multi-conductor cable, it is necessary to remove a few inches of the cable jacket and peel back the shield.

The outer profile of such cables are non-round making them almost impossible to strip with a semi-automatic mechanical solution. The alternative is for an operator to use a box cutter or exacto-knife blade to slit the jacket by hand. This is slow and potentially dangerous both for the operator and the cable.

High temperature wires such as BMS1358 contain tough yarn braid that is difficult to cut mechanically as well as hard Katon / polyimide tape. Mechanical strippers struggle with such cable constructions as the blades quickly blunt and stray yarn is commonplace.

Our Solution

Laser Wire Solutions’ Mercury range of laser wire strippers are tailored for the stripping of aerospace cables and wires. 

The Mercury systems utilise a high power, sealed, carbon dioxide laser source that easily vaporizes the cables’ polymer insulation and yet harmlessly reflects from the cables shield and/or conductors. 

In this way a perfect strip can be made every time. The laser is particularly effective in cutting through fibre glass yarn, melting the strands together. 

The laser is focused into a precise spot of 10 thousandth’s (250 micron) diameter) so that the insulation is efficiently vaporized leaving minimal carbon debris even from Kapton insulations.

Explore the Range of Mercury Models

The Mercury systems are the most versatile of machines we produce. The choice of model depends on the type of application and the strip requirement.

Other Industries


Electrical wires for catheters and other medical devices are becoming ever more micro and need to pass stringent quality assurance. Wires processed with our solutions are clean and consistent every time.


The increasing use of hairpin-designed magnet wires in motors and stators in electric vehicles is requires efficient removal of the enamel insulation from such wires, only possible with lasers.


The next generation of data wires and cables present new challenges for achieving the required dimensional tolerances and to allow full automation of the cable manufacture, our laser strippers provide the solution.

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