Laser Wire Ablation Service Applications

Applying expertise and experience in the advancement of our partners industry.

Laser_Ablation Servicing

Our laser wire ablation service is focused on the medical industry to help our partners innovate life changing technologies. Some of our medical device and diagnostic applications are below:

     * 3-D Micro-components      * Marker Band
     * Single-lumen Catheters      * Multi-lumen Catheters
     * Tip Shaping of Catheters      * Wire Coating Stripping
     * Electrode Coating Removal      * Balloon Surface Texturing
     * Cardiac Rhythm Management      * Neurostimulation
     * Guidewires      * Electrophysiology
     * End Terminations      * Slitting Catheter Tubes
     * Cold Cutting of Polymers that are Lenses      * Cutting Holes in a Precision Filter
     * Guide Wire Machining      * Micro-surgical Needle Fabrication
     * Cutting Tight Tolerances for Implantable Devices


Example Uses:

  • Removal of a coating to expose a sensor, detachment device, or electrical connection point.
  • Material removal to shape a wire or tube into a complex micro component.
  • Tip shaping to soften the edge of a delivery catheter insertion point.

We would like to help you get a better understanding of various materials and how your needs can be aided by lasers.  Please connect with us to learn more about our laser solutions and to find out new ways on how your projects can be enhanced. 

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