Medical Devices

Typically, electrical wires for catheters and other medical devices are stripped using chemical or manual means, resulting in poor and inconsistent results. Lasers ensure a clean and consistent strip each time.

Wires stripped using our solutions are found in OEM medical devices around the world. Find out more about how our laser wire strippers can aid in the production of your medical device.

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Your Challenge

The latest advances in electrophysiology require packing ever more sensors and wires into ever smaller packages.

Polyimide (also called enamel) type insulations offer the highest density of interconnects due to the thin, tough insulation.

Wire gauges of 42 AWG to 50 AWG are now commonplace, with applications for wires smaller than 50 AWG now appearing. These wires are tough to strip.

Traditional wire stripping methods like mechanical and chemical can damage the conductors or leave behind harmful residue, which make them unsuitable for medical devices.

Our Solution

Our Odyssey UV laser technology offers a gentle yet powerful method for the removal of polyimide type insulations.

The short wavelength of the ultra-violet light coupled with nanosecond duration pulses enables the enamel to be instantly vaporized.

By tuning the energy of the laser pulses, it is possible to completely remove the enamel whilst leaving a clean metallic surface for soldering.

The process is gentle enough to leave thin plating layers such as gold, silver or tin without removing them. 

View Our Solution to Your Challenge

The Odyssey-4 is the perfect solution to medical device wires and cables that are damage and residue free, ensuring your pass quality assurance checks each time.

Other Industries


The increasing use of hairpin-designed magnet wires in motors and stators in electric vehicles is requires efficient removal of the enamel insulation from such wires, only possible with laser wire strippers.

Aerospace & Defense

To make terminations to the conductors of a shielded multi-conductor cable, it's necessary to remove a few inches of the cable jacket and peel back the shield, only possible using precision laser stripping solutions.


The next generation of data wires and cables present new challenges for achieving the required dimensional tolerances and to allow full automation of the cable manufacture, our laser strippers provide the solution.

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