David Treharne

Head of Engineering

David demonstrates strong strategic and tactical skills, enabling successful implementation of engineering strategy and operational goals. He believes these skills are vital to exceed customer expectations for product development, quality, cost and delivery, whilst also maximising efficiency and optimising engineering excellence.

Originally employed as a Design Engineer, David’s strong leadership skills and belief that the key to innovative solutions is through a well oiled team and structured processes, quickly saw him promoted to Head of Engineering. He uses his and his teams vast experience within various industries to make an idea become reality. David thrives under pressure and exhibits passion to make the impossible possible. 

David is motivated in the knowledge that Laser Wire Solutions technology is making a difference across the globe. Whether producing products that are more sustainable or machines that can save lives, David takes every opportunity to assist Laser Wire Solutions and it’s customers to find a positive outcome.  

Outside of work, David relishes time with his family and is often found using his problem solving skills to answer the impossible questions set to him by his son. When not with his family, you will likely see David channelling his inner Hendrix on his collection of guitars.


November 2019-Present
Head of Engineering
May 2019-November 2019
Design Engineer

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