Automated Mercury

For the optimum in productivity we offer custom automation solutions to allow you to get the most from your Mercury laser wire stripping technology.

For some applications, it is possible to take wire straight from the spool and have it laser stripped and cut in an automatic process. This works best for single conductors.

There are 2 main options:

  • Reel to cut – integrate the Mercury with a Schleuniger or similar cut to length system to allow wire from a spool to be laser stripped and cut.
  • Reel to reel – Laser Wire Solutions has a total solution for de-reeling, laser stripping and re-reeling the wire. Perfect for extremely thin wires.

Automation is available for the Mercury-2 and Mercury-4 models. See the individual models for more details.


All the Mercury systems are capable of stripping polymer insulations. All polymer insulations can be cut with the a laser. The amount of melt, vaporization or chemical decomposition depends on the exact polymers used. Below is a non-exhaustive list of materials that can be stripped.

  • Fluoropolymers, such as PTFE, ETFE, PFA
  • Polyethylene
  • Nylons
  • Silicone
  • PVC
  • Mylar
  • Fiberglass
  • Polyurethane
  • Polyester
  • Polyethylene.

Automation is available for the Mercury-2 and Mercury-4 models. See individual models for details.


Enquiries and Sales

To find out more about the Automated Odyssey Wire Stripping Machine or your exact requirements, please get in touch with one of our experts today.

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