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We’ve partnered with one of our blue-chip customers to develop a powerful multi-station dereeler solution for feeding automated production lines with multiple cables simultaneously. The unit incorporates multiple powered dereeler units for each cable and a wire storage unit (“accumulator”) that allows spool changeovers by splicing the next wire to allow continuous manufacture without stopping the automated line.

The overall benefits to the user of this modular system are continuous production with no downtime and minimal wire wastage. It is a turnkey solution that can be adapted to suit individual processes and cable requirements.

Main features of this system:

  • Versatility – any type of cable can be de-spooled into an automated production line. Examples include twin-ax data cables or aerospace wire.
  • Flexibility – a large number of spools can be fed either one at a time or simultaneously.
  • Integration – easy to integrate into an existing line.
  • Control – cable is paid off at a controlled tension. Automatic cable brake/clamp system holds the end of the cable.
  • Modular – can accommodate a variable number of cables. Modules can be added on at any stage. Each module can be operated independently of the other.
  • Ergonomic design – modules can be stacked two high and back to back to minimize footprint.
  • Ease of loading and use.
  • Ease of maintenance – wheel mounted modules to separate front and rear banks.
  • Generous capacity – accumulator (storage unit) stores sufficient cable for line to be fed up to three minutes whilst the empty spool is changed over.
  • Fast spool changeover – top and bottom pulleys move in synchronicity to release cable as dereeler spool is changed.
  • Self-monitoring – a touchscreen monitor and interface provide self-diagnostics and status monitoring.

Enquiries and Sales

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