The Gemini-2 is a highly flexible solution for scribing and cutting cable shields, in particular tinned micro-coax and aluminized foils. Particular features of this model include:

  • A large 5″ x 7″ (127 mm x 178 mm) working area for multiple wire processing and high productivity.
  • Standard fixture plate for ease of wire placement and precision stripping. Custom plates can, however, be designed for your specific wire/cable configuration and application.
  • Dual axis (X & Y) motion control system to provide programmable cut position.
  • Dual laser focus nozzles sequentially cut from above and below to create a 360 degree cut or scribe of the shield.
  • Control footswitch and touchscreen for ease of operation.

As with our other laser stripping systems the unit is low in cost to operate and requires virtually no maintenance.


The main applications for the Gemini-2 are:

  • Scribing micro-coax shields where the coax outer diameter is less than 0.01" (0.25 mm). The shield is tin dipped in order to create a solid mass of solder and braid. The machine is then programmed to cut a shallow groove (similar to scribing a line to cut glass) to allow the tinned braid to be snapped cleanly. All braid strands cut at the same position. As the laser beam does not penetrate the braid it does not matter what the underlying dielectric insulation composition is.
  • Cutting aluminized mylar foil shields found in twin-ax type cables. The laser cuts right through the thin foil layer. The laser radiation does hit the underlying layers, so there is a small risk of heat damage. If the underlying plastic material is light colored (ideally white or transparent), the laser does not interact strongly and a robust cutting process can be developed for the foil. For dark colors (particularly black) it may be difficult to find settings that cut the foil without damaging the underlying insulation.
Min. Outer Cable Diameter 0.025 mm (0.001")
Max. Outer Cable Diameter 2.5 mm (0.1")
Stripping Length Increments 0.1 mm (0.01")
Strip types Scribed tinned braid, foil cutting
Max. Stripping Length 125 mm (5")
Speed Up to 250 mm/s (10"/s)
Cable Loading Via fixture plate - up to 10 cables at once
Dimensions (L x W x H) 720 x 620 x 1000 mm (28 x 25 x 40")



Enquiries and Sales

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