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The Odyssey-7 is a 4-beam ultra-violet laser system specifically designed to cut thin foil and braid wrapped cables.

Features include:

  • Compact size that fits on a bench-top.
  • Easy to use – with touchscreen control and storage capacity of up to 99 pre-programmed stripping recipes.
  • Energy-efficient: runs from single phase 120 / 230 V electrical supply without need for compressed air.
  • Integrated control: no separate laptop required as includes a compact PC to run the machine.
  • Robust: industrial, sealed, minimal maintenance laser technology.
  • Safe: Class 1 capable laser system incorporating a Class 4 3W UV laser.

The Odyssey-7 system is capable of cutting thin foil jackets and dialetrics from high performance twin-ax cables.


Min. Outer Cable Diameter 0.025 mm (0.001")
Max. Outer Cable Diameter 5 mm (0.2")
Stripping Length Increments 0.1 mm (0.01")
Strip types Area ablation of enamel insulation plus cutting of conductors
Max. Stripping Length 50 mm (2")
Speed Up to 250 mm/s (9.84"/s)
Cable Loading Via fixture plate - up to 50 x 50 mm (2" x 2") stripped at once
(H x W x D)
Bench unit:
752 mm (29.6") x 410 mm (16.14") x 1000 mm (30.37")
Under bench unit:
640 mm (25.20") x 710 mm (27.95") x 630 mm (24.80")

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