Custom Solutions

Laser Wire Solutions has a flair for looking outside of the box. The company’s growth is founded on an ability to innovate and on its flexibility to tackle more complex applications that ordinarily its competitors would shy away from.

Customers approach us because of our creative approach to solving problems. When we don’t have a ready-made solution from our existing range, we draw on our extensive process knowledge and technical expertise to create a solution that is customized to address the requirements of a particular application.

The following are just a few examples of what we have developed for specific customers. The Titan-1 laser wire stripper was designed as an integrated and automated solution to strip ribbonized micro-coax. The Odyssey-2 was created to strip small enamel coated wires, such as those used for high performance coils and medical catheters, as well as to strip multi-filar ribbon ranging in size from 0.001″ – 0.01″ OD (0.025 – 0.25 mm).

If you have a specialist application that you would like to take a look at and engineer a creative solution for you, please do contact us with more details on what you are looking for.