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Mercury Laser Wire Stripping Machines

Our Mercury laser wire stripping machines are designed to strip all types of polymer insulations, such as jackets, ribbons and dialetrics, from high-tech wires to high-voltage cables. The choice of model depends on the type of application and the strip requirement. The suffix numbers differentiate the optical system used.


    Workhorse laser wire stripper cutting multiple wires in one go and in 2 dimensions – across and along the wire.


    Highly versatile, compact laser stripping machine with galvo scanners for multi-dimensional stripping, including curves and area ablation.


    The Mercury-4E is an extended version of our highly popular Mercury-4 laser wire stripper with capability to strip a greater number of wires simultaneously


    Large gauge laser wire stripper with unique auto-focusing system and automatic cable centralizer.


    Fully rotational laser wire stripper with auto-focus for stripping large circumference, multi-layer cables, e.g. Coroplast high voltage automotive cables.

    Automated Mercury

    Automated Mercury system to allow laser wire stripping and cutting in a fully automatic, integrated process.