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Laser Life and Maintenance

Laser nozzle

All our equipment is covered by a full 12-month parts and labor warranty.

The average life of a Mercury system is 30,000 to 40,000 hours based on power-on time, not run-time. For the Odyssey-4 system the lifespan is approximately 10,000 hours based on UV emission time.

There are no routine services required. On a periodic basis (typically every 6 months) it makes sense to inspect and clean the internal optics. The scan lenses in the process area should be wiped with supplied lens tissues when required. To clean and service the optics/scanner on your behalf would be half a day’s work at our standard rate.

The machines do not have parts that need regular replacing. Moreover, the machines are made from commercially available components – not custom controllers, or hand made robot stages. We give the supplier details for all components, so you have the option to buy them direct if you so choose.

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