Market Applications

Tough Insulations

As a pioneer in the field, we understand the critical demands of sectors such as automotive (EV) and aerospace, where insulations must stand unwavering against the onslaught of extreme temperatures, corrosive chemicals, and relentless abrasion. 

With a focus on pushing the boundaries of technology, our machines empower manufacturers to achieve impeccable results, meeting the rigorous demands of these industries with unmatched efficiency, accuracy, and reliability. 

Laser Wire Solutions-Tough Insulations

Tough Insulation Cables

These wires have been stripped using Laser Wire Solutions technology

Designed to conquer the harshest conditions in automotive (EV) and aerospace sectors, these machines ensure insulations endure extreme temperatures, chemicals, and abrasion, setting new standards for precision and durability.

Market Application

Laser Wire Solutions-twisted pairs
  • Aerospace
    • High temperature environments
  •  Automotive
      • Environments handling potentially corrosive materials (chemicals/abrasives/moisture)
  • Military and Defense
    • Environments experiencing extreme conditions, rapid temperature changes

The Wires

  • Non-round cables
  • Shielded twisted pairs
  • Fiber glass insulation
  • Bonded insulation
  • Thin insulation
  • Foil shields where blades struggle

Traditional Technology Drawbacks

  • Mechanical stripper/Exacto knife
  • Worn blades
  • No process control
  • Wire nicks/scrapes
  • Low yield (poor weld strength)

Our Solutions

Mercury 4

  • Removing jackets from shielded multiconductor cables
  • Removing jackets and dialetrics from high performance microwave cables
  • Fast processing time
  • Interchangeable door fixture

Mercury 5

  • Automatic cable centralizer to ensure repeatability
  • Nick-free stripping
  • Ideal for large gauge wires
  • Up to 280mm strip length

Mercury 6

  • Ideal for large gauge wires
  • Up to 200mm strip length
  • Cross cut, window cut, slit and more
  • Automatic cable centralizer to ensure repeatability

The right configuration depends on your requirements. Contact our team to find out which solution suits your application.

Why Choose Laser Wire Stripping?

  • Non-Contact
  • No wear parts
  • Conductor strands are preserved
  • Self terminating process

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