Why Use Our Laser Wire Ablation Service?



Once our partners concept has been demonstrated and tested in the development and prototyping stages, the general need is to take that product to market as quickly as possible. Laser Wire Solutions has the expertise, facilities, advanced technology, and experience to be a trusted partner in your production process.

Drawing upon our skills as both a contract and production manufacturer, we apply flexible manufacturing technology to adapt to our partners supply chain. Our team of experts will formulate a plan to manufacture your product to meet your specifications. Whether you need a prototype realized or a dedicated partner for high volume production, we are committed on fulfilling all your needs.

Our service will work with you to meet seasonal demands or revised specifications.  As your trusted partner, we take ownership and pride in providing you with the best quality products and processes.

What Are The Advantages Of Our Laser Wire Ablation Service?

Laser Wire Solutions is your source for all your laser ablation needs. Our highly trained team and stringent acceptability criteria help ensure that your product meets industry specifications.

Using our revolutionary automated machines, there are many advantages to using laser wire ablation service over more traditional methods:

  • Pre-stripped wire delivered directly to your assembly line.
  • Dedicated team of wire processing experts to help get your product off the ground from concept to production.
  • Fast, highly reproducible and repeatable surface ablation and cutting allowing rapid turnaround.
  • High consistency and accuracy when ablating thin wires or multi filar ribbons down to 25 microns (0.0001”).  
  • Access to a full suite of machines and a variety of laser types required to meet your laser ablation project.
  • Ability to quickly and precisely ablate wires to improve production turnaround.
  • Reduced heat affected zone, maintaining the integrity of the wire.
  • Turnkey packages and products to maintain your high yield.
  • Ability to ablate complex geometries that cannot be stripped by any other technique.
  • Reduced scrap due to high quality yield.
  • Fast delivery of new designs as no tooling has to be waited on.
  • Experienced engineers to support prototype to volume assembly services including testing, packaging and fulfilment.
  • Laser Wire Solutions is ISO certified and has a robust quality control system in place.
  • Digital metrology tools are used to ensure we meet our partners tolerance and specifications.
  • On time parts delivery and within your budget.

Enquiries and Sales

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