Why Laser Wire Solutions?

At Laser Wire Solutions, we understand the importance of ensuring a high-quality finish with each application. We believe laser technology can vastly improve the manufacturing process for OEMs, making them more efficient and sustainable.

With over 50 years of combined experience in lasers, our experts are on hand to provide you with solutions to meet your needs.

Laser Wire Solutions has the wire processing equipment to work with all types of insulated wire. We can handle solid or stranded wire with gauges, from 2 to 58 AWG. Our equipment and assembly processes are applied to a wide variety of assembled products, such as: neurological catheters and electric vehicles. Our wire processing capabilities include cutting, stripping, and soldering. We supply our customers with high quality, bench top systems for wire processing and harnessing production.

Complete Solutions

By choosing to work with Laser Wire Solutions, you’ll receive solutions that meet your requirements and fit straight into your existing production line. We explore the challenges you face and will only propose solutions we believe will benefit your existing processes and operations.

Experts in Our Field

Our team are passionate about what they do and together have accumulated many years of experience across a number of industries. We continually strive to learn and develop to be at the cutting edge of their field so you can be certain you’re receiving the latest information and advice. 

Best in Class Technology

Just as you continue to innovate with your products and services, we continually optimize our machines and techniques to ensure they meet your manufacturing requirements. We’ll ensure your processes are performing to their optimal level by providing you with the best in class technology to do just that.

Guaranteed Safety and Quality of Products

When you purchase a machine from Laser Wire Solutions, you can be assured that each one has undergone stringent testing before leaving the warehouse. When using our Contract Manufacturing service, each wire is ISO 9001 quality-checked.

Continuous Support

Our service doesn’t end once you’ve received your product. We ensure your machine continues to operate at it’s optimum performance. When our customers need support, our Support Team provide assistance promptly. 

Key Facts in Numbers


Employees based across the UK, North America, and South America.


Products in our existing portfolio plus more when counting our custom projects.


Agents and Distributors currently selling our products around the world.

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