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Laser Wire Solutions wire and cable stripping and processing machines are designed to process a full range of cable types and sizes with ease and efficiency From compact bench units for stripping the ends of cut wires, to fully automated wire processing equipment – we have the machine solution for you.

Odyssey Series
The Odyssey series excel in handling medical fine wire and enamel wire up to 54AWG. They offer single, bifilar, and trilfilar capability, ensuring versatility across various wire types.
Mercury-4 M4 laser wire stripping machine-aperture fixture
Mercury Series
The Mercury series are designed to strip all types of polymer insulations, and are particularly adept at handling multi-layer cables including those found in EV cable applications.
Gemini-4 laser wire stripping machine suitable for enamel wires and cables. Its robust fiber laser technology, making it ideal for tasks such as shield cutting and enamel ablation, suitable for wire diameters up to 2mm.
Gemini Series
The Gemini series are suited for scribing and cutting cable shields, aero thermocouples, and medical grade enamel, including micro-coax and aluminized foils.

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All Products

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Machine Application Wire Diameters Main Industries Laser Type Laser Power Wire Loading
Fine Enamel Wire
0 – 0.2mm



4 or 6 W
Fixture Plate



- General Polymer Wire Stripping

- Jackets

- Dielectrics

- Wire Insulation

0 - 5 mm



All Industries



Deep Infrared

30 or 55 W
Fixture Plate

0 - 5 mm

20, 40 or 55 W

- Hand Insert Wire

- Fixture Plate

- Inline

0 - 5 mm

55 W
Fixture Plate
2 – 20 mm


30 or 40 W
Hand Insert Wire
2 – 30 mm
40W or 55W
Hand Insert Wire
Cable Shield Scribing
0 – 0.5 mm
Near Infrared
30 or 50W
Fixture Plate
Fine Gauge Micro-Coax Stripping – All Layers
0 – 0.5 mm
Deep Infrared Plus Ultra-Violet
55 W and 4 or 6 W
Fixture Plate

Explaining Our Technology

We are global leaders in laser wire stripping and as such, have a vast knowledge of the capabilities of laser technology in regard to wire stripping applications. The efficacy of laser wire stripping depends on the material composition, laser type/wavelength, power and focus.

There are three core laser types used within our products: deep infrared, near infrared, ultraviolet. These laser types correspond to the machine name. 

Deep infrared corresponds to the Mercury machine series dedicated to insulation stripping, near infrared is for the Gemini series suitable for metal cutting or enamel removal, and ultraviolet is for the Odyssey machines which are suitable for fine wire enamel stripping or fine wire cutting.

The choice of model depends on the type of application and the strip requirement but the suffix numbers differentiate the optical system used.

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