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For over 10 years we have been dedicated to simplifying the wire stripping process by designing and manufacturing groundbreaking solutions for our customers around the world.

We do that by delivering evidence-based laser wire stripping solutions that automate processes to reduce scrappage and increase yield. 

Innovating and collaborating with customers to save lives around the world.

When you ask our clients, what makes Laser Wire Solutions different, you’ll find that it all comes back to our people. We attract exceptional people who are passionate about improving processes through automation and have experience from all parts of the industries we serve. We are proud to be trusted as true partners throughout the project lifecycle.

Laser Wire Solutions is a medium sized company with over 10 years’ standing, founded by its Managing Director, Dr Paul Taylor, and operated by a team of professionals with a wealth of experience and expertise across a wide variety of environments and disciplines.

We have a permanent staff of engineers, software developers, project managers, and multi-skilled build technicians. 

We believe in nurturing talent and investing in individuals, providing formal training and encouraging people to acquire new skills and follow their ambitions.

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Our Values

Laser Wire Solutions stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of wire connections. In essence, WIRES embodies a commitment to innovation, integrity, adaptability, customer satisfaction, and social responsibility.


World Leading Innovation

Cutting edge laser wire connections


Integrity First

Fair play for all our Employees, Customers and Partners


Remarkable Agility 

Things change – we adapt to ensure we deliver what is needed


Exceeding Customer Expectations

Quality, delivery, and value


Socially Responsible

The purpose of our business is to enhance the lives of others

People at the Center

We are committed to pushing forward the world of lasers and robotics to make technologies that transform and save lives around the world.

Our People

Our team comprises of a high level of skill, compassion and dedication. All these qualities ensure we are creating the next best solution for our customers.

Our Customers

We understand the needs of our customers and their customers, so we do everything possible to ensure our products and services meet their explicit requirements.

our mission

Break New Ground Using Laser Technology & Robotics

As a pioneering force in the connection of wires, we believe that lasers and automation have a pivotal role to play in the manufacture of current and future generations of high value, precision cable assembles.

Our mission is to deliver solutions to our customers that break new ground in laser wire processing technology, enabling our partnership to change the world, for the better, through innovation.

Laser Wire Solutions - Break New Ground - Lasers and Robotics
Laser Wire Solutions-Catheter

our vision

Combine Lasers, Optics and Wire Handling

Our vision statement drives Laser Wire Solutions’ decisions and goals to challenge and inspire all.

We will build our business by working in partnership with our customers to understand their latest challenges and needs at the earliest stages. Using this application knowledge we will grow our product ranges and services to address the needs for the majority of the market with standardized solutions.

Diversity & Inclusion

Inclusion, Trust, and Value

We understand to be engaged, you must feel included and valued. At Laser Wire Solutions, we endeavour to shape and nurture a culture where inclusivity is an impulse, not an initiative. We believe that being different is the foundation for innovation.

Find out more about our diversity and inclusion statement.

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