MRI Coils

Enameled wire with a rectangular cross section, super conducting electro-magnet, requiring precision and minimal to no damage.

MRI machine

Laser wire stripping offers a superior solution for the following applications by selectively removing insulation without harming the inner conductors:

The laser’s attributes allow for precise insulation ablation without affecting metal or leaving residue.

Case Study

A customer in the Medical field approached us with a requirement for processing large amounts of large gauge enamel wire that would be used in MRI.

The previous process used to remove the enamel was time-consuming and carried inherent EHS and quality risks.

The Laser Wire Solutions machine allowed automation of the enamel removal process, resulting in speeding it up significantly, eliminating the EHS concerns and significantly improving product quality.

Impressed by the expertise, the skills the business showed, and how quickly they managed to process the wire, the customer proceeded with multiple orders of a customized version of the Viking-4.

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Medical Device Wires and Cables laser wire stripping machine

Medical Market

Experience the assurance of having a dedicated ally in advanced medical devices. From micro fine catheter wires to MRI enamel coils, we specialize in laser wire stripping machinery that handles medical wires and cables with ease.
Gemini-4 laser wire stripping machine suitable for enamel wires and cables. Its robust fiber laser technology, making it ideal for tasks such as shield cutting and enamel ablation, suitable for wire diameters up to 2mm.


Gemini-4 is best suited to MRI and high value coil applications processing enamels, polyimide, and micro-coax shields with ease.
High value coil

High Value Coils

Specialized coils or windings used in critical applications, including sensitive electronic equipment, medical devices, and aerospace systems.

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