Large Gauge Rotary Laser Wire Stripper


Wire stripping for electric vehicle cables, re-imagined. The Mercury-6 laser wire stripping solution has the capability to cut both outer insulation and any inner Mylar foil cleanly and with minimal effort. It features a rotary and linear optical system to allow circumferential and length slit. 

Experience effortless wire stripping with the easy to use benchtop system that is the Mercury-6.

M6-95mm OD high voltage power transmission cable-unprocessedM6-95mm OD high voltage power transmission cable-processed

95mm OD high voltage power transmission cable

M6-4_0 AWG Cable. OD_ 21mm. Semi-conductive layer insulation thickness_ 0.12-0.25mmM6-4_0 AWG Cable. OD_ 21mm. Semi-conductive layer insulation thickness_ 0.12-0.25mm (2)

4/0 AWG Cable with OD 21mm. Semi-conductive layer insulation

M6-70mm OD Coficab HV wire-unprocessedM6-70mm OD Coficab HV wire-processed

70mm OD Coficab HV wire

The Mercury-6’s 2D optical system features a rotary and linear axis for circumference cut and longitudinal slit, up to a maximum length of 7.84” / 200 mm. It also has a unique cable end finding system to ensure accurate wire lengths are processed. The optics head has independent, auto-adjust focus to allow for changes in cable diameter at the push of a button.

Key Features of the Mercury-6

Is the Mercury-6 suitable for my application?

The Mercury-6 is a versatile large gauge cable processor that will make your production line smoother, with the ability to process larger wires than the Mercury-5. The easy-to-use, recipe controlled system requires minimal training with your operators while ensuring consistent results in seconds. It was purpose built to suit the specifications of a leading electric vehicle manufacturer so if you process large cables used in electric vehicles, the Mercury-6 is suitable for your application.

Mechanical blade cable strippers often struggle with non-round cables or those with braid insulations, but laser wire strippers excel no matter the insulation type or shape of the cable. By utilizing the power of laser processing you’ll be able to achieve high quality results, without having to rely on operator capability or worn blades. It makes wire processing an easy task that can be easily completed in a matter of seconds.

While lasers can process most wire and cable materials, we recommend producing a small sample of wire for testing to ensure processing suitability. 

All Features

Ease of Use
– Automatic wire centralizer
– Auto start sensor
– Benchtop system

Fast Process
– 360 degree strip
– Up to 200 mm processing length

Spares & Accessories
– Easily available, contact

Mercury-6 Specifications
Product Length
340 mm
Product Width
785 mm
Product Height
990 mm
Product Weight (Laser Processing Unit)
75 kg

What strip patterns are possible with the Mercury-6?
The Mercury-6 is best suited to cross-cut strips via the hand insert, but slits and window cuts can also be produced on the Mercury-6.

What’s the maximum processing length?
The Mercury-6 is capable of processing lengths of up to 200 mm.

What’s the HMI?
The Mercury-6 utilizes a 4-inch colour touchscreen display, the operator can start the wire stripping process via the HMI or a footswitch.

How do I order?
Complete the short form below or email directly to discuss your requirements. We recommend sending a sample of your wire for us to process and check the suitability, we’ll then provide you with a report to ensure the results meet your requirements.

What support will I receive with this machine?
All our machines come with a 1-year warranty and you will have the option to purchase training for a small team of operators. As your warranty reaches its expiry, you’ll have the option to extend this warranty or pay for ad-hoc support from our Service team.

The Mercury-6 is suitable for large gauge cables up to 20 mm in diameter, and up to 200 mm in length. 

The machine can process a wide range of materials, mainly polymer insulation, but we recommend consulting a Laser Wire Solutions expert before stripping a new type of material other than what we processed during your sample.


The Mercury-6 should only be maintained by a Laser Wire Solutions Service Engineer or an individual who has received the correct level of training. Full training options can be found on our Service page.


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